Final Thoughts: NYC is Over

Ryan asked us three questions to write about and I don’t think I have enough words for all of this. The first question is What moment from NYC stuck out to you? I think the moment that stuck out to me the most is the day where we left the rec room early. We went back to the hotel to swim and I had to leave because my emotions were starting to get out of hand. Ryan asked me why I was leaving, but I didn’t want to explain. When I got out of the shower Alex was there and she told me that I need to open up. I’m uncomfortable talking to Ryan when it comes to opening up because I feel like he asks to many questions and it can be intimidating so, I talked to Makayla. I told her everything and poured my heart out. I felt so much better afterwards because Alex, Ana Bea, and Makayla understood. All my life I’ve been searching for someone who understands and I pushed people away. It made me feel lonely, but it was by choice. It turns out everything is easier if you just open up. That moment stood out the most. The second question is How did you hear God in a new way? I heard him in love. He is love. Everything I’ve heard about God made me wonder why I’m following this guy who says he’s my father and loves me, but is so strict. Now I know he’s not strict he’s loving, like my parents. BTW shout out to my family for caring so much about this. I really needed this. This trip has changed me so much. The last question is How do I hope my life changes when I get back? I know it’s already changing right now. I now know that I need to open up. When you open up, people can help.

-Angel Nelson

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