Final Thoughts: Desert Thoughts of a Sleep Deprived Teen

As we ride through scenic West Texas we have been asked to write one final blog post. NYC ended yesterday afternoon, and we’ve had lots of time since to reflect on it. And also watch Shrek, but that’s far less important. It may just be that it’s the most recent, but the final worship service was fantastic. I have no other way to describe it other than at one point I thought I was gonna burst open the presence of God was so thick. What was beautiful was that it wasn’t just thick in the air, but in me and the 8,000 other attendees that filled the stadium. The theme of NYC this year was Love God, Love Others, and Love Lived, and so probably it’s no coincidence that I come away from it with a new understanding of what it means to be loved by God, and to live that love. One of the NYC pastors, shout out my man Gordon, said it best when he said “we wish for you to understand how deeply God loves you, in order that you more greatly respond to it.” To understand that all that is asked is for us to come with our total being to God, so that God’s love may work within us, and through us into our communities. That God loves us how we are, warts and all, but that the love is too strong to leave us where we are. Before we left for this event I wrote a blog post about looking forward to NYC, and I wrote about NYC requiring too much for it to leave me on a new spiritual mesa. I can gladly and confidently say that I have arrived. Now not that everything is perfect now, or that I will never sin again, but an indescribable change has occurred. I’ll go back to work, and then school, and then in a year college. I will pursue my call into the ministry. I will stumble, and things will be hard. But, to borrow from Daniel 7, the beasts have been humbled and stripped of any power, and the Son of Man sits over all His people in love. For God is love.

-Will Heise

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