Final Thoughts: Coming to an End

Hey y’all! I think it is safe to say that, as much as we LOVED NYC, we are all very ready to be in our own beds. As this whole trip is officially coming to an end, we were asked to reflect on NYC itself.

A moment that sticks out to me from NYC was all of the different ways they managed to interpret the message of loving God and loving others. Besides the numerous speakers, who were all amazing, the message was also implied by the worship, poetry readings, videos, and much more. I really liked that they did this because it showed how much they truly cared about us and wanted every single student to go home with this message in mind.

A new way I heard God through this week was by the overall message of loving God and loving others. I have heard sermons before about how you have to love others to love God and vice versa, but this week showed me how you have to learn to truly love EVERYONE without judging them based on their pasts or mistakes. It made me realize how everyone is a child of God, regardless of if they even know who God is, because God truly handcrafted every living person on this Earth and every person who has lived and every person that will live. This week taught me to view others as children of God rather than labelling them by their pasts or mistakes, and I am honestly really thankful that I now have this new mindset in the hateful world we currently live in.

As I return home, I hope that I can follow through with the new things I have learned this week. For me, personally, this week showed me how to love the way Jesus loved and continues to love EVERYONE. It showed me how to put on what was called “love goggles” when seeing someone. I want to be able to look at everyone with the love goggles NYC gifted me with.

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to this trip. I am so, so, SO grateful for a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. 🙂

-Anna Bea Heise

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