Final Thoughts: Closer

We are finally on our way back from an amazing experience at NYC. It was great to get closer to the youth group and make many fun memories to keep. NYC really opened our eyes about how Loving God and Loving Others are so connected. To love people is to love God. It is a thing that is is so small but so highly important. To include and welcome people is one of the things He wants us to do. We learned to open our hearts and let Jesus in and have him as our home. It was astonishing how close Jesus felt in that moment being with 8,000 people praising, singing, laughing, and just being together. There were so many different people but we all had the biggest thing in common. A love for God. Phoenix, we won’t forget you. I hope and pray we take what this trip has taught us and take it home to live out. Remeber youth group, “Stop making excuses and dive into the unknown.” Go. In peace and love.

-Alexandra Ramos

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